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The Top Twenty Small Penis Stories of all time!

top 20 sph storiesThe Smallest Dick in the World – The Small Dick Club interviews a man known to millions online only as ‘small_dik’ about his life as a gold member.

small penis humilialtion storyMy Husband has such a Little Dick – Marrying a small dick man was something she had planned. It gave her total control of the relationship, and freedom to fuck all the big cocks she wanted.
SPHThe Stepmother – His sexy stepmom knows all about his little tiny penis, and decides its time she took matters into her own hands.
The Stepmother 2 – Dale begins his journey as a small dick submissive man.
cuckoldNude Beach Humiliation – A Dominatrix takes her slave to a nude beach so she can humiliate him in public, and he loves every moment of it.
Femdom BDSMMovies/TV that have SPH Scenes – A comprehensive list of movie scenes & TV scenes that include SPH as the central theme.
gay sphMy Husband is a short dick Sissy – A woman who saved herself until after she married discovers her new husband has the smallest dick she’s ever seen, and he’s a total sissy man.
small dick clubThe Step-Daughter – His wife was fucking around on him because of his small dick. But his only his sexy young step-daughter understood his need to be humiliated and controlled by a powerful woman.
small dick clubSwimsuit Shopping – A shy 18 yo guy is taken swimsuit shopping by his mom, and is embarrassed and humiliated in front of the sales girls.
small dick clubSmaller Than Average – His first girlfriend, whom he loses his virginity to, has bad news for him. He has a small dick, a small pathetic dick that can’t please her.
small dick clubThe Comparison – A husband and wife play a kinky game at a local bar. She picks up a guy, seduces him, and then has him and her pathetic husband compare dicks in the bar.
small dick club
– A couples weekend leads to a dare that outs our small dick man to all the others, and a wild weekend ensues with plenty of humiliation and cuckolding thrown in.
small dick club

The Involuntary Ejaculator – A guy discovers a sexy young neighbour is doing an internship at his medical clinic. An exam goes very wrong and not only is he outed as a small dick man, but he blows his load in front of all the women there.

small dick clubHe Screws My Wife – The arrogant asshole/jerk at work is always picking on Steve. But he takes it to the extreme when he starts cuckolding him as well. Oh the shame, the humiliation, how can he stand it?
small dick clubMy Husband’s Small Dick – A woman who married a sugar daddy with a tiny dick tells us how she gets her kicks when he’s away. Fucking all the big cock she can.
small dick clubThe Change Room Incident – A high school senior can’t find his swimming trunks and gets caught with his pants down.
small dick clubWhy My Dick Shrunk - A man is taught a lesson by the women in his life for being a misogynist.
small dick clubBig Brother’s Baby Boner – A college senior’s tiny dick is discovered by his 16 yo bratty, spoilt sister, and she decides to have some nasty fun at his expense.
small dick clubOur Readers SPH Experiences 1 – Readers of The Small Dick Club share some SPH experiences from their own lives as small dick men.
small penisThe Smallest in the Family – A high school senior and diving champion discovers the horrible truth when the guys in his family decide to use the hot tub one day.
SPH storiesTrue Story: My Small Cock - A member of the small dick club gives us a candid account of his life as a man with a tiny dick.